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COVID-19 Resource List:


“Coping with Stress during the 2019-nCoV Outbreak” from the World Health Organization: This quick sheet provides basic information on coping with stress.



Coping with Coronavirus Self-Help Guides: Has PDF’s including “Managing Anxiety During the Coronavirus” “Self Care during Social Distancing: Back to Basics” and many others



“Psychologists’ Advice for Newly Remote Workers” from APA:



“COVID-19: Managing Stress in this Anxious Time” from Institute for Disaster Mental Health:



Oregon State FREE Punch Through Pandemics with Psychological Science: Course starts March 30th and runs for 10 weeks. Community members may join at any time and earn a certificate of completion.



For up to date information about COVID-19 visit the World Health Organizations rolling updates website:



For up to date information regarding Idaho during the COVID-19 Pandemic visit the state’s resource website:



For Idaho Businesses that are being affected by COVID-19 visit the Idaho Commerce Resource website:

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