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Community Conversations

The Idaho FORM Project has a couple opportunities for how local residents can get involved. The quickest and easiest way is to come to our Community Conversations around Rural Mental Health. With a community conversation approximately every other month, it is a fantastic way to stay up-to-date with what the Idaho FORM Project is doing in your community and provide input and feedback. We love and need to hear your insight so we can develop a project catered to your specific community. To know when the next community conversation will be in your town check the "Events" page.

Become an Instructor!

Looking for ways to become more involved in your community? The Idaho FORM Project is looking for dedicated and reliable town residents willing to become a designated Mental Health First Aid and/or QPR instructor. We will be looking for a couple individuals with the time to train the rest of the town. Instructors will work closely with Idaho FORM project team. Our project funding will cover your instructor training expenses. Mental Health First Aid requires the attendance of a week-long conference, with the nearest being in Seattle, WA. Question Persuade Refer instructor training can be completed at any time, since it is as 12-hour online training program. After the instructor training is completed, the instructors will continue to work with the Idaho FORM Project to set up Mental Health First Aid and Question Persuade Refer classes, available free for the rest of the community. We plan to have around 6-8 classes of each course offered following the year after the instructor training. Finally, instructors will be payed though the Idaho FORM Project for each class they provide for their community.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor please contact us!

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